Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mama, you need to stop...

So, after eating a bit too much Mexican and a whole lot of cleaning/rearranging/editing - I ended up in Nana's bed with bad cramps and serious back pain. My cry for sympathy evolved into this:

Me: Nana, I am hurting!"
Nana: Mama, you need to stop drinking your alcohol!
Me: Sister I don't drink alcohol
Nana: No, no, no...that black stuff you drink
Me: Coke honey, coke

I swear she makes me sound like a drunk.

Friday, February 19, 2010

My brother child

Arianna standing on a big rock as her podium in our front yard:

Ladies and gentleman you are all doesn't matter what kind of skin you have - like Joaquin who has light skin and he is my brother child. You are all invited!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boy, oh boy!

Yup another son... and though I was happy to think it was a girl for 7 weeks we are thrilled to now know we will be having another little man. Lucky Arianna!! She won't have to share my precious things with anyone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New baby

So we are having baby #4...last little one...I am sure. Don't know for sure if it is a baby girl or boy, but we are waiting to find out.

On a funny note...I took the kids to In-N-Out last Saturday and while I went to get the drinks our cousin Victoria asked Nana, "where's Irene" to which Nana replied, "she went to get her alcohol."
I wanted to die laughing when Victoria told me, Nana quickly corrected herself and said, "I mean your coke mama. I am so sorry."

I ask you, could coke be as bad as alcohol in a child's mind?

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Went to Sedona with our friends the Campbells, had a great time.

Joaquin did a great job despite having to spend most of the day in the stroller. He's such a cute kid and so fun.

FINALLY....a family picture. We've often noted that for as many pictures as we take, there are only maybe a handful that have us all in one. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Out of Africa

We have some very dear friends that we met in our first ward in Provo just after we were married. About a year and a half ago the Campbell's moved here to the valley and we love having them nearby again.

Last month we took a mini vacation with them to a few fun places here in AZ. Out of Africa is an exotic animal sanctuary where visitors can be very close to some of the coolest animals on the planet. Plus a "safari" tour where you can interact with the animals.

This Python wanted my camera for lunch

Tiger lookin for his next bite to eat...I'd hate to be the guy that builds these cages and estimates how far these things can jump.

cause they can jump.

We were lucky that we were there during their feeding time. Nothing like watching those at the top of the food chain go after a chunk of Mr Ed.

This lioness was PISSED...she wanted to take this guys head off. The growls were deafening. Check out the claws.

Like I said...we were close...

White tiger and lion cub born on the same day, they're great friends.

See why they call them man eaters?

There were some nice animals as well.

I guess this rhino was purchased in auction by a hunting farm in Texas, the owner of the ECHO brand came in and paid double the price and put him here in the reserve.

Joaquin loved the tigers...
on the safari.

We were the last safari of the day and our giraffe was full and didn't want to we fed the backup giraffe that was in the timeout pen. ;)

Our friend Dara Campbell getting a smooch.

Great day...

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I had a business trip to Orlando and we decided to make a vacation out of it. Visit my Mother in Law for Mother's Day, and hit the parks while we were at it. The kids had a great time as you can imagine, and Gigi was really happy to see the kids for 10 days. This time around we also gave Sea World a try and the kids really liked it.

Whitey needs a tan! ;)

Being Beautiful

Being Goofy

The UP crew

Cool kids aquarium where the kids could stand up inside and get a 360 degree view.

The spit-flip. How many people can say they've been spit on by Shamu? We actually went to the Shamu show twice the kids liked it so much...the 2nd time we had great seats right in the Splash Zone. ;)

Taking a break